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Please read this cookie policy (“cookie policy”, “policy”) carefully before using website (“website”, “service”, “us”, “we”, “our”).

Understanding Cookies

Cookies, in the realm of digital interactions, manifest as text files discreetly deposited on your computer or mobile device courtesy of a website’s server. Each cookie holds a distinct identity tailored to your browser, encapsulating anonymous data like a unique identifier, the website’s domain name, and an array of numerals and figures.

The Different types of cookies

  • Necessary Cookies: Indispensable for an optimal user experience, necessary cookies are the backbone of our digital ecosystem. They play a pivotal role in facilitating seamless access, navigation, and utilization of our website’s services. Examples include the ability to recognize your account creation and login credentials.
  • Functionality Cookies: Functionality cookies elevate user engagement by enabling personalized site administration based on your preferences. Think of them as custodians of your digital comfort, remembering your login details and site customizations for future visits.
  • Cookies for Analytics: A collaborative effort with third-party entities, these cookies illuminate the statistical landscape of user interaction on our website. The focus is on aggregated data, ensuring privacy by excluding personally identifiable information like names or email addresses. Their purpose is to enhance your online experience by aiding in the continuous improvement of our services.

How can I get rid of cookies?

To exercise control over the cookies associated with our website, you have the option to regulate or inhibit their presence through your browser settings. Another avenue for this undertaking is navigating to, a comprehensive resource offering detailed instructions tailored to a variety of browsers and devices. Here, you will find not only general information about cookies but also step-by-step guidance on expunging these data elements from your device, ensuring a tailored and secure digital experience.

Getting in touch with us

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy or our use of cookies.

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